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Body Treatments


Our Skin is the largest organ of our bodies and
is responsible for eliminating around 25% of the of body's
toxins each day.

Body treatments are the perfect way to stimulate toxin removal through the Skin and Lymphatic System. They improve circulation, remove dead skin cells and aid cell renewal. They can brighten and tighten the skin, leaving it soft, smooth, clear and renewed. The added  effects of Massage further stimulates toxin removal  and lead to relaxation of the body and mind ...

The facial for your back! 
This purifying treatment is ideal for anyone experiencing
congested skin in this hard to reach and often forgotten area. Perfect your back and dare to bare in a swimsuit or
backless dress...
Your back is first body brushed to stimulate the
Lymphatic System. Deep Cleansing is followed by Exfoliation,
Hot Towels and a Back Massage to aid removal of toxins.
A Mask, specific to your skin type, is then applied to remove impurities whilst a Scalp Massage allows you to sink into
complete relaxation. A Refreshing Spritz and Nourishing Moisturiser complete the treatment.  
Bacial   ...   £25 

Body Polish 
For glorious glowing skin!
Body bushing is followed by a Mandarin and Black Pepper Body Scrub to remove dry, dead skin cells and 
invigorate your skin leaving it smoother and brighter.  
A rich Body Moisturiser is then applied to leave 
the skin deeply hydrated. 

Express Full Body Polish   ...   £20

Deluxe Full Body Polish     ...   £40 
  (Includes Full Body Massage)

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