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Shellac Application

Shellac is the first Hybrid Nail Colour
50% Gel and 50% Polish...  It's Power Polish!

"Zero Dry Time"
Shellac is painted onto your nails just like a regular polish, but by curing it under a UV lamp, I leave you with perfectly dry nails to get on with the rest of your day!
"Chip Resistant,Mirror
Shine Wear"
Shellac is extremely hard wearing and gives a
long lasting high shine finish!
"Kind protection for
Natural Nails"
Shellac offers natural nails a protective, strengthening cover, but is still as thin a regular polish. It supports weak nails as they grow!
"Gentle removal in just minutes"
Finally, when its time for removal there is no need for filing or drilling. Removal, using 100% Acetone, is gentle and takes around 10 minutes.... leaving you ready to try another Shellac colour!

Shellac Application Fingers or Toes
Nails shaped-Cuticle Work-Shellac Application
Shellac Full Pedicure 
Nails shaped-Cuticle Work-Shellac Application
in Colour or French. Foot Spa, Hard Skin Removal,
Exfoliation & Massage
**Add foot mask and heated boots for £5***
Combined Offer
           Shellac Application Fingers and Toes 
Shellac Removal*
Also includes Nail & Cuticle Tidy and cuticle Oil
*Removal of Shellac which I have applied is included with your next Shellac manicure/pedicure xx

*Removal of Shellac/UV Gel Polish which I have not 
applied will incur a £5 charge in addition to 
application prices as above xx

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