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Onsite Workplace 
Massage Therapy

A revitalising break from 
the working day ...

The therapeutic effects of massage have long been known to help reduce pain and stress levels. On-site Massage offers employers the opportunity to bring the benefits of massage to their staff in the convenience of the workplace.  

A perfect way to thank staff for a job well done!

Workplace massage is a perfect addition to any ongoing employee reward or well-being scheme, or simply as a one off treat for staff!

Benefits to Employees

  • Relieves fatigue and boosts energy levels
  • Loosens tight muscles and relieves associated pain
  • Soothes conditions such as R.S.I. and tension headaches
  • Reduces stress
  • Increases staff morale

Benefits to Employers

  • Enhances alertness and performance
  • Reduces stress within the workforce
  • Staff feel appreciated by their employer
  • Convenient way to reward staff
  • A happier, healthier, more productive team!

    Minimal disruption for maximum benefits

    Onsite massage may be carried out in the main working area or, if available, a separate room. Concentrating on the back, shoulders, neck, arms and hands, the massage is carried out through clothing and no massage oil is required. 

    Treatment times range from 10 minutes per employee meaning that as many as 5 massages per hour are possible. 

    Prior to my visit, those requiring  massage will be asked to complete a consultation sheet so that I am aware of any relevant conditions and able to adapt the treatment accordingly. I can assure complete discretion and confidentiality for each client. I also provide feedback forms which staff can complete after their treatment so you can assess the quality of the service. 

    1 hour (Maximum 5 employees) £50
    2 hours (Maximum 10 employees) £90
    3 hours (Maximum 15 employees) £125 
    3 hour sessions available
    10am-1pm or 11am-2pm

    (For visits outside of the usual areas covered, 
    travel charges may apply. Please get in touch for details)

    Please note that all Beauty and Holistic treatments
    are available in your workplace! 
    Please  get in touch for more details!

    Teacher special offer!

    Some recent feedback... 

    "During a stressful office day, Vicky arrived to give staff a 20 minutes back, shoulder and neck massage, a real treat! This fitted in well to my work day and gave me a much deserved break. She put me at ease immediately by asking all the right questions about my back condition and then proceeded to greatly relieve my shoulder pain and help reduced my stress levels... Blissful, I enjoyed every second, the pressure and techniques were spot on". Julia C

    I found the treatment very enjoyable. It de-stressed my tight shoulders and neck. It fitted in well with my working day and I would love to have the treatment again". 
    Eve D

    "I would thoroughly recommend Vicky. I felt very relaxed and de-stressed afterwards. Thankyou!" Laura B

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