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The hair on your head may be your crowning glory, but that is where it ends! If you are looking for quick, effective hair removal look no further ...  

Opting for waxing takes away the need for daily shaving or nasty depilatory creams. As the hair regrows it feels softer and finer and the results can last anything from 3 to 6 weeks ...
I am trained and experienced in the increasingly popular "intimate female waxing" (Brazilian and Hollywood) for which I use only Hot Wax. It is kinder to your skin as it works by wrapping itself around the hairs as it sets, rather than sticking to the skin.  I use Hot Wax for all bikini treatments and also for the sensitive facial areas such as eyebrows and upper lip, for your comfort and less reddening of the treated areas ...

Lip or Chin
Full Arms
1/2 Leg
3/4 Leg
Full Leg
Regular Bikini
High Bikini
Brazilian (Landing Strip)
Hollywood (All hair removed)
Minimum 1/4 inch hair growth required for waxing treatments.
Please avoid heat treatments (i.e. steam/sauna)
or sun/sunbed exposure  for 24 hours before or after a waxing treatment.
To get the very best from your waxing treatment it is advisable to
regularly exfoliate and moisturise your skin (although not on the
day of your waxing). This will help to remove dead skin cells,
ensuring that the wax is able to adhere to your hair giving
the very best results.

Regular exfoliation following your waxing will help to avoid in
growing hairs and keep your skin soft and smooth!
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