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Reflexology Therapy


Evidence of healing "Foot Treatments" has been found dating back thousands of years, in ancient Egypt, China and India. At the start of the last century this practice was pioneered in America by physiotherapist Eunice Ingham, and it has now evolved into the complementary therapy we know and love today.

Using specialist, precise movements across reflex points on and around the feet allows me to feel for “hard”, “crunchy” and “congested” areas, which correspond to organs and systems within the body. Working these reflex points and breaking down blockages in the nerve endings, allows a better flow of blood, nutrients and ultimately energy throughout the entire body. It stimulates the body to self heal and increases the removal of toxins. It is also incredibly relaxing aiding the reduction of stress hormone production, and slowing breathing and heart rate.

Reflexology may bring relief from many conditions including:

Neck and Back Pain and Stiffness

Digestive Issues

Menstrual and Hormonal Concerns

Sleeping Problems

Stress and Anxiety

Reflexology is perfect as a one off relaxation treatment, but when carried out regularly, it offers many ongoing health and general well-being benefits. Your first Reflexology session will begin with a thorough consultation to include your medical history and any concerns you may have.  A refreshing foot cleanse and gentle massage will "wake up" your feet. While you lie back and relax, I will work on and around your feet, on reflex points relating to all systems of your body, taking note of what I find. We can then discuss my findings and plan how often treatments may be carried out for maximum benefit. Also available with a warming hot stone foot massage.

R E F L E X O L O G Y 

4 5  -  6 0  M I N  |  £ 3 5

R E F L E X O L O G Y 

P L U S  H O T  S T O N E 

F O O T  M A S S A G E 

5 5  -  7 0  M I N  |  £ 4 0

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